Welcome! Please enjoy my site. Many of the paintings on the “Plein Air” pages are for sale, as are prints of those and other paintings now part of private collections.

Please note that this site is a working site, fully maintained by the artist herself – and the “Plein Air” pages are a sort of diary, full of the grumblings and gripes of a devoted painter as she struggles to continually learn and grow.

There’s a reason galleries only allow the artist a “statement” and otherwise try to keep them in the background, far awayfrom the point of sale.

I’m always complaining about what’s wrong with each painting – because I’m trying to progress. It’s not for me to sit around and rave about how magnificent each painting in fact is. But there certainly are some, from every year, every genre, that I do feel are magnificent. So please don’t allow my grumbling to affect how you feel about the painting. Many satisfied customers agree they are all worthy of love and a hallowed spot in a good home.

Boreas Sanctus

(Holy North Wind)

We used to sing a song in grade school titled “They All Call it Canada.” One line, “My country is my cathedral, with the Northern sky its dome; they all call it Canada, but I call it home” still chokes me up every time I even type it. In the sanctity of nature I see cathedrals every where.

I spend as much time as I can out within it, experiencing it, and trying to reflect and revere with my crude tools even just the faintest echo of the beauty of this planet.

I am from the North but at the moment spend a lot of time south (Massachusetts) but there is strong evidence of that Great Northern gust running through me and the work that I do.